A solarium sunroom is the best solution for you if you are hunting for the best in sunlight reception.  For your pleasure, our clear eve solariums include all-glass panels that extend to the skies. A solarium sunroom is all you need if you want to add a living area that is ideal for reading, hosting friends, or work from home.

About Our Solariums

To ensure that our solariums are the best of the best, we have spent countless hours on technology, physical labor, and a lot of minds. Some of the characteristics that make them stand out from ordinary sunrooms to ensure the exceptional sunroom for you include:

  • Thermal roofs–Achieve the best reception of sunshine while still making sure that extra UV light does not leak in, shielding you and those living with you.
  • Integrated gutter systems–This gutter design has a roof pitch of 3/12 for adequate water flow. It means that the level of the back wall must be sufficiently high to withstand it.
  • Prime Window System–You can experience broad views as well as plenty of sunshine with regular, power-efficient windows.
  • Extruded aluminum–Extruded aluminum is the most exceptional sunroom component with greater strength and pest infestation tolerance.

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